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About Patrichory 

Plant Power.

Patrichory's founder and chief formulator Patricia Wong believes that great skincare or haircare doesn’t need to be complicated. She enjoys creating them from her kitchen lab in Singapore.

She makes mists, gels, serums, oils, lotions, milks, creams, butters from ingredients that are provided by nature. These are procured from around the world from eco-friendly and ethical sources.

A staunch believer of plant power, Pat started spending hours studying and researching different plant materials that could be incorporated safely and effectively in her skincare and haircare products.

She is a graduate from two award-winning UK-based natural and organic skincare schools, with access to the latest product knowledge and immersed in the world's fastest growing “green” trend.

She also has certifications from well-renowned aromatherapy schools in the USA and has taken courses on lipids and the usage safety of essential oils, as well as the production of essential oils and hydrosols in Austria.

Aside from handcrafting shampoo bars and conditioners for, Pat spends her time mixing, blending and customising skincare for a select group of customers.

Her passion led her to running workshops and classes regularly to share the knowledge to help others better understand eco-friendly and sustainable skincare and haircare products.

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