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Why Use Shampoo Bars?

Why Patrichory Bars?

Why Our Bars?: Features

Using shampoo bars and conditioner bars reduces the reliance on plastic bottles and refill packaging. They are also compact and convenient for travel. They do last longer when kept dry, so remember to use a soap mat or a soap dish that drains away the water after use.


Shampoo bars and conditioner bars are more economical because you are paying for the active ingredients and not water (unlike in liquid shampoo).

  • We use a combination of different plant-based surfactants to achieve a gentle cleansing action without causing dryness to the scalp.

  • Our bars' pH levels are made to be within the range of 4.5 to 5.5, ideal for our hair and scalp.

  • We include naturally derived ingredients, and as much as possible we source for the Ecocert or Cosmos certified versions.

  • We use certified organic or wildcrafted essential oils, fixed oils and butters that provide moisture for healthy hair growth.

  • We carefully select plants and botanical extracts that are known to help promote healthy scalp and hair.

  • Our bars don't contain sulphates, artificial colouring nor fragrances which may cause irritation to some.​

  • The bars are handmade with love.

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