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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many washes can you get out of a bar? In other words, how long would a bar last me?

A. This depends on the factors below:

  • How often you use the bar 

  • Your hair length

  • How you store your bar (they last longer if they are kept dry between washes)

  • If you just use it as a hair shampoo or as the one bar from head to toe (yes, our bars can be used as a face and body bar as well)

From the experience of our users, the 75g bars can last between 50 to 80 washes and the 50g bars can last between 30 to 50 washes.  Our sampler bars weigh 30g and can last between 20-30 washes.

Q. Why can I use your shampoo bar for my face and body?

A. The skin on different parts of our body is not the same. We will be launching more bars in the weeks and months to come. Having said that, we chose our surfactants and actives very carefully, so that they can be used on different parts of our body. Some ingredients however, are better known for helping healthy hair growth, such as Amla.

Q. Will your bars cause irritation on my scalp or my skin?

A. Our bars are made with plant-derived ingredients and botanicals. Some of them are extracts, so different parts of the plants (flowers, leaves or resins) are subjected to an extraction process. This involves isolating certain components present in plants - which means there is a much higher concentration of those components in the solvent used. In addition, there is a common misunderstanding that as long as a product is made with natural ingredients, they are safe and non-irritating. This is not true. There are plant materials that can cause issue if we don’t use them carefully, eg. Shikakai or essential oils. Shikakai in high concentration can cause eye irritation. In case you have very sensitive eyes, we ask that when you are using our Herbal Therapy bar or the Finer Things bar, try not have your eyes wide open during the wash.

Q. What is natural haircare?

A. As a natural and organic skincare and haircare formulator, Patricia chose to work only with natural ingredients. We need to be aware however, that “natural” or “green” are overused words and they are not regulated. At Patrichory, we are committed to defining natural to be:

  • Ingredients that are in their natural state, such as organic carrier oils. We do our best to source for organic and wildcrafted lipids and essential oils as they are known to contain the best profiles of the chemical constituents.

  • Understanding the limitation of materials in their pure form, we also used plant-derived ingredients, to provide the best user experience and skin benefits. And, we are mindful to source for those that are either Eco-certified, Cosmos certified or compliant.

Q. Do you add fragrance to your bars?

A. We do not add synthetic fragrance to our bars. The scent from our products are from natural sources: the oils and butters, plants and herbs, extracts and essential oils. Some formulators prefer to work with refined oils and butters due to the colour and scent which can be overpowering and interact with their choice of fragrance. But we love to work with these plant scents and blend the ingredients together so that the nutty or herbaceous scents of these oils and plants form instead a grounding undertone for our lovely essential oil blends. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do to celebrate the goodness of nature.

Q. Do you offer product exchanges or refunds?

Product returns are accepted for exchange if the product is unused and unopened. In cases where the wrong product was delivered or the product was damaged in transit, Patrichory will bear all exchange or replacement costs. For all other reasons, the cost of delivery of the product to Patrichory for exchange will be borne by the customer. Patrichory does not offer refunds. 

Switching from liquid shampoo and conditioner takes a little getting used to. We thank you for joining us in our bid to reduce plastics in our bathroom. Write to us or WhatsApp us at +6588253001 should you have more question with the usage.

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