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Our Ingredients

We are very proud of our shampoo and conditioner bars, mask and shampoo powders as we use some of the best active ingredients sourced from around the world. We only use organic and wildcrafted essential oils from reputable suppliers who offer us technical documents that support their claim of authenticity.

In our full ingredient list, we also include the list of allergens that are present in the essential oils we use. Despite the small percentage present in the oils, we insist on presenting the full ingredient list so that users can be at ease and have confidence using our products. It helps for those of you who have known allergies to avoid certain products. The amount of essential oils used in our products are in accordance to the EU dermal limit regulation.

Ayurvedic Herbs

Ayurvedic herbs have been used throughout the centuries to improve health and many of us are finding their benefits when adding these herbs to our skincare and haircare. One of the earliest bars made by Patrichory, was one that aimed at reducing hair loss. And ayurvedic herbs were the first ingredients added after months of research.

Shikakai Powder

This ayurvedic herb is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, K, and D. Using Shikakai helps nourish the hair and scalp, thereby keeping hair shiny and healthy. The saponins in Shikakai makes it a natural cleanser without causing dryness.

Amla Powder

A commonly used ayurvedic herb to help improve hair health thanks to the presence of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients which increase scalp circulation and strengthen hair follicles.



It contains bio-chemical compounds and antioxidants that help in rejuvenating your scalp but also promote regeneration of healthy hair as well as reduce irritation on scalp.

Other Actives and Botanicals



Also known as Pro Vitamin B5, Panthenol is a highly effective humectant, which is a category of ingredients used in skin and hair care products to promote moisture-retention. Panthenol forms a smooth film on the surface of the cuticle therefore protecting, moisturizing as well as providing gloss to the hair. It is also beneficial to the scalp.

Quinoa Protein

Our hair is made of keratin, which is a protein. Adding protein to our hair protects helps the hair to become stronger. Quinoa is strengthening and moisturising due to its amino acids content which are the building blocks of healthy hair and skin.

Plant Keratin

This ingredient is derived from a combinations of plant proteins from wheat, corn and soybeans. It enhances hair moisture, strengthening the hair and offering protective benefits by for dry hair.

Babassu Oil

We use the organic version of this oil to ensure that we get the best nutrients from this oil. Babassu oil is a very light emollient and can be absorbed into skin easily without leaving a thick film on hair that will weigh the hair down.

Buriti Oil

It is a beautiful oil which gives the Daily Indulgence bars its colour. It contains high percentage of beta carotene, a protective antioxidant as well as unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9, all working together for healthy hair growth and scalp.

Horsetail Extract

Horsetail plant contains silica and minerals such as potassium which are ingredients known to promote glowing skin and shiny hair. The extract helps strengthen weak and hair that is prone to breakages.

Bamboo Extract

Other than its rich source of silica, bamboo also offers anti-irritation properties and helps cleanses the build up on hair strands, therefore helping hair regains the natural shine.

Rice Powder

It removes product build up and unclogs hair follicles for a healthier scalp. It also reduces frizz and breakages.


Essential Oils

We use different essential oil blends in our shampoo bars to create the scents that make using our bars a relaxing and luxurious experience. Furthermore, these oils are known for their anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and skin benefitting functions.


This popular essential oil helps calm scalp irritation and dryness. Its scent promotes a feeling of calm and well-being.


This essential oil is known to improve circulation in the scalp which helps healthy hair growth. Its scent is refreshing and uplifting.

Corn Mint

This essential oil helps in improving circulation and therefore a healthier scalp. The scent is refreshing and uplifting.


This essential oil helps skin healing and is useful for irritated scalps. There is a study that shows that a combination of Lavender, Rosemary and Cedarwood is very useful in healthy hair growth. It has a soothing scent that helps you to unwind.

Sweet Orange

This is an astringent oil, and therefore it balances sebum production. The scent is an emotionally uplifting one.


This essential oil is a skin healing oil which helps to calm irritated skin. The scent is warm and calming one.

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