The Story Behind Patrichory

(Picture Credit: Her World August 2021)

PETRICHOR - The the distinct scent of rain in the air

APOTHECARY - A place where medicines (in my case, herbal remedies) are prepared

PATRICHORY - A combination of my name and the two words above.

I often get asked about the brand Patrichory and what it means - well, it was coined based on combining my name (Pat) with the 2 words you see above. I've always loved the smell of petrichor (or more specifically, the woody scent that's released from the earth into the air after the rain). And, my family calls my workplace an apothecary because of all the natural ingredients and oils I use in my products. I'm also known as the "White Witch" in the house!

Recently a collaborator of ours guessed that it meant "Patricia's Story" - and I found that to be really cute and clever! Since I've not uploaded a blog post in a while, I thought it would be the perfect topic as we head into a new year 2022!

My introduction to artisanal soaps, candles and aromatherapy goes way, way back to year 1997 when I returned to Singapore to help a good friend start a new business after a working stint in Malaysia . During that time, the Internet and e-commerce were obviously not as developed as they are today. The reason I came back was to help launch a print catalogue sales business (yes - print catalogues!) featuring soaps, candles and essential oils from producers in Australia and Europe. Some of these brands are still around today!

Unfortunately that catalogue sales model was on its last legs and people were just starting to explore Internet shopping, even though that wouldn't tak